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How to find the main idea in text

par phaewilk

One of the expectations for grade 7 and 8’s in the Ontario Core French curriculum is that students will read text

and demonstrate an understanding of the main idea.

The same strategies apply whether you are reading in English or French.

Here are some sites that will remind us about how to do this:

Government of Saskatchewan (en français)


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Study help for 7’s and 8’s


* How do we make the passé composé?

*How do I conjugate avoir? (this is review)


*How do we make the futur proche?
*How do I conjugate aller? (this is review)

**Please look at the previous post I made with a selection of games to help you practise both the passé composé and futur proche.

Happy Studying! 🙂

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le passé composé et le futur proche

photograph taken by Kevin Rosseel, Washington, DC

Here are some games to help you practise the past tense and the future tense.

Le Passé Composé



#3 to practise the irregular participes passés

Le Futur Proche



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Design a soccer outfit

For your game day today you will be designing a soccer outfit. You will learn some French along the way, and practise some passé composé.

For your interest:  A link to info about France’s soccer team

le lien officiel pour l’équipe de France     Remember you can use the online dictionary tool Lingro to help you read this

real  French site! Just cut and paste the url into Lingro

and then read.

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