Comic strip fun!

Today during my Media Literacy classes we experimented with a program called Bit Strips for schools.

What is “Bit Strips” for schools? Here’s a video with a teacher explaining it.

It is a program that is licensed for all publicly funded schools in Ontario. Plus…it’s a great way to demonstrate learning…and it’s fun too!

Check it out



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4 responses to “Comic strip fun!

  1. Wyatt

    Je suis content avec bitstrips

  2. jonathen

    bitstrips is awesome

  3. Amy-Lynn and Odessa

    Hey Madam, me and Odessa can’t login to our bitstrips acounts from home. Do you know whats going on????

    • Hi ladies! Yes I do know what’s going on. I took down all of the classes on the site over the summer. I felt badly that I wasn’t going to be able to let the students know but school was already over when Ms. Elliott and I made the decision. I imagine that we will work on it next year. Sorry about the confusion. See you soon 🙂

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